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Heart Pendants are always among the most popular. Think of them as Broken Hearts or Mended Hearts depending on your state of mind! They are about an inch long plus the loop and dangle at a fun angle.

Available through the website are Red with Black, Coral with Black, 2-tone Pink, Pink Floral, and White and Clear frosted. Many other designs can be found in my studio and at shows I attend.
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Red with Black PdHeartRBk 20.00
Coral with Black PdHeartCBk 20.00
Two-tone Pink PdHeartPkPk 20.00
Pink Floral PdHeartPkFlr 20.00
White Frosted PdHeartWetch 20.00

An assortment of Hearts - ever changing variety!

Use the feedback form to let me know what items you are interested in. 


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Last modified: November 14, 2004