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My Pen & Ink drawings and Brush & Ink paintings are almost entirely inspired by what I find around me in southwestern New Mexico.

Some of the thumbnails link to very large images to show detail. They might take a couple minutes to load!

CactusGardenjpg.jpg (261322 bytes) water_canyon2.jpg (194300 bytes)

Cactus Garden at the Bosque del Apache
(Click to enlarge image)

5.5" x 9" Technical Pen 2003-2004


Water Canyon
(Click to enlarge image)

10" x 8" Pen & Ink and Inkwash 2004




Pilgrimage to San Miguel - Triptych

7" x 28" each. Brush and India Ink 2004


AgaveWeb.jpg (43412 bytes)BeavertailWeb.jpg (45296 bytes)CactusBudsWeb.jpg (24118 bytes)HedgehogWeb.jpg (55831 bytes)

Four cactus studies from the Bosque del Apache cactus Garden, May 2003: "Agave"; "Beavertail Prickly Pear"; "Cactus Buds"; "Blooming Hedgehog Cactus". Not currently framed.
(Click to enlarge images)

4.5" x 5.5" each (approx.) Technical Pen 2003-2004

alleyweb.jpg (158885 bytes)

The Alley
(Click to enlarge image)

11" x 14" Technical Pen 2003



Description            Price
Cactus Garden (framed)   250.00
Water Canyon (framed)   250.00
Pilgrimage Triptych (unframed)   1800.00
Agave   50.00
Beavertail Prickly Pear   50.00
Cactus Buds   50.00
Blooming Hedgehog Cactus   50.00
The Alley (framed)   SOLD


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Last modified: November 14, 2004