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Lots more earrings in the Studio!

Matching (or coordinating) lampworked beads are strung on sterling silver wire and accented with semi-precious stone beads, glass beads and silver beads.
Light-weight and comfortable. Durable and completely unique!

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Pink Bellflowers with various dangles and accent beads.
5/8" to 1" plus the sterling ear wire.
Tiny yellow and orange marigolds.
3/4" plus the sterling ear wire.
Pink Bell Flowers  ERbellPk $18.00 Marigolds ERmarigold $18.00
Red Bell Flowers ERbellR $18.00


ERredeye.jpg (13394 bytes)

ERotetech.jpg (15068 bytes)

ERcactus.jpg (16581 bytes)

ERfish.jpg (22906 bytes)

Funky red with Black and white eyespots. 5/8" plus ear wire.
Frosted orange with turquoise, black & white decorations, turquoise nugget beads. 7/8" long plus ear wire.
Prickly Pear Cactus Pads with flowers and fruit and various accent beads.
Tropical Fish in aquamarine blue.
3/4"+ plus the sterling ear wire.
Red with Eyespots ERReyespot $12.00 Cactus ERcactus $18.00
Orange Frosted EROTetch $18.00 Fish ERfish $18.00



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Last modified: November 14, 2004